Las Clases, ¿en casa o en el colegio?

domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

Leyendo un blog nuevo que encontré hoy, me encontré con esto y me pareció graciosísimo. Lo siento si no sabes inglés puedes usar un traductor, es buenísimo :-)

Trabajos de una ama de casa:

Home Sweet Home Saturday: Occupations of a Homemaker
I was thinking about all the things a homemaker does throughout her days and these are just a few of the occupational titles we hold.
Executive Assistant (husbands are the executives and wives are the assistants or help-meets)Vice-President of Family (helps husband in the direction and training of the children)
Referee (puts an end to sibling rivalry)
Restaurateur (makes nutritional menus for the family and organizes meal times)
Chef (prepares and cooks the meals)
Baker (bakes and decorates birthday cakes and other goodies on occasion)
Marketing Executive (finds unique ways in preparing foods the children don’t like so they will eat them; such as spinach, carrots, etc.)
Dishwasher (self-explanatory)
Janitor (dusts, vacuums, mop floors, clean bathrooms, etc.)
Canner (canning garden produce, making preserves, freezing)
Gardener (water garden, pull weeds, etc.)
Laundry Manager (wash and dry clothes, iron if necessary)
Seamstress (mending and sewing clothes)
Interior Designer (decorates home to make it welcoming to those who enter, especially those who dwell there)
Hairdresser (Attends to children’s hair & sometimes cuts hubby's hair)
Singer (all children love to hear their mothers sing)
Teacher (we are commanded by God to train our children)
Nurse (clean and bandage cuts and scrapes)
Pharmacist (gives out proper dosage of medicine to sick children)
Veterinarian (attempts to help all living creatures brought in the house by children who find the wounded creatures)
Undertaker (gives funerals to the wounded creatures that didn’t make it)
Entomologist (must be able to tell children the names of the insects they bring home)Exterminator (must be able to get rid of unwanted creatures in the home)Secretary (keep home records, pay bills, etc.)
Hostess (be welcoming to all who come to your home – whether you’re ready or not)

Once when my husband and I were applying for some credit and I was asked my occupation, I smiled and said with all seriousness, "Domestic Engineer". The young man looked very impressed and said, "Oh!" Yes, we women are definitely engineers. ;-)Now this is just the start of a list. Have fun thinking up other titles

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No he entendido nada pero un saludo, y gracias por haberte suscrito a mi blog.

Capitán Trueno, el Entxapelau

Ketty dijo...

Bueno, pues la experta en idiomas reina Sigrid, seguro que gustosamente :-) puede ayudar al capitán trueno a traducir el post.
Un saludo